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Setup and Fretwork

  • Bothered by fret buzz? 
  • Not in tune as you play up the fingerboard?
  • How long has it been since you gave your instrument the attention it deserves?
  • Many people are under the impression that when instruments are set up at the factory, that's as good as it gets. The reality in the factory environment is, time is not put into fine tuning your instrument to it's full potential.  I did a tour of duty in a well known, well respected factory in Southern California.  Getting them out the door is job #1.
  • In their defense, they don't know what string gauge you use, how hard you play, whether or not you use open-tunings, a capo, etc...  To me, the most important part of my job is to gather as much information as I can about your individual needs as a player.  Then I can specifically do the perfect  Setup for YOU!
  • Fretwork is my specialty.  Whether your instrument needs a little TLC or the whole nine yards, I've got you covered.  A light fret dressing added to a standard set up won't set you back too much.  The added benefit will make you glad you spent the extra money. 
  • Often, spending a little more will yield results that will end up being a much better value than if the decision had been made to compromise on issues that really needed to be dealt with. Sometimes waiting "until it's a problem" is waiting until it's too late.  I should have a look at it for you, since I'm better equipped to make that call based on over a decade and half of experience. 
  • Need a stainless steel refret?  I've done more than any other luthier in the bay area.  A few manufacturers have been using stainless frets for a while.  I was among the first luthiers in the nation to embrace it's use for refretting. It is not for everyone, so we'll discuss the pros and cons when considering refret options. 

Acoustic Amplification

  • Whether you are playing the Oakland Coliseum or... looking to knock 'em dead at the local open mic.
  • I've got what you need ready to install.  I'll set you up with a rig that will get the job done within your budget. 
  • There are many options.  Allow me guide you through the choices.  It's not as daunting as you may think. 
  • Help is a phone call away.




I work on Guitars, Basses (Upright and Electric), Mandolins, even Banjos if I HAVE to!

Just about any instrument with strings.


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