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I would like the opportunity to assist you with ALL of your music making endeavors.  Whether it has to do with how to avoid/possibly eliminate feedback from microphones at open mics or professional gigs, to what pickups to put in your instrument, be it a Les Paul playing traditional music from the Greek Isles or a Bouzouki rocking out,   It could happen! ???   What kind of microphone is best for recording tenor saxophone?  Stereo microphone techniques for recording classical guitar? I have strong opinions about what you should use. Those opinions are backed up with almost two decades of real world experience and a voracious appetite for trade rags. In addition, up to date information is always close at hand via the organizations I am a member of as well as a gregarious group of friends and industry insiders willing to share their formula for the mojo that makes records go platinum.  All kidding aside, i love doing what I do!  I'm current on most of the new gear out there because a dyed in the wool gear-head like myself has an appetite that is never sated.

I'm confident that you will be glad to have done business with me. I'm sure your audience will feel the same.


- Mike




I work on Guitars, Basses (Upright and Electric), Mandolins, even Banjos if I HAVE to!

Just about any instrument with strings.

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Since 1994


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